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De Ceuvel in Amsterdam North

Everything at Ceuvel Swing Camp and that means parties, meals as well as workshops, takes place at or around the Ceuvel. The Ceuvel is an experiment in urban sustainability: everything is built out of local recycled materials, every roof is full of solar panels and every office cleans it’s own discarded water.

How to get around?

Cycling – You can rent bicycles throughout the city, and prices usually start at about €10 a day. Or find a someone with a Dutch OV-Chipkaart to rent one for €3,85 a day.

Public transport – All of the venues for the Camp are located within walking distance of each other. Use or google maps to tell you how to get there.

Where to stay?
Despite the name of the weekend, no camping on the terrain is allowed. Here’s a small list of hostels and hotels nearby.