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Full pass pre-registration
Party pass pre-registration

Unfortunately, due to the Corona crisis, it is unclear whether events with over a hundred participants will be safe again this August. We will make the decision as soon as there is more clarity. This might be as early as May, or at the latest 1st of July.

For now, there is only pre-registration, opening on April 4th:

  • By pre-registering you tell us that you will join if the game is on, so we can continue organising with peace of mind, but you don’t pay yet;
  • You will pay (or not) by the time that we make our final decision.

Full pass registration info
For the full pass registration we ask for the regular info and also these extras:

  • Private class: Your preferences for a teacher and time slot
  • Levelled group classes: If you want to do both in the same role or one leading and one following
  • Experience: How long you’ve been dancing, classes, socials and festivals

You register as an individual, and it is not possible to register with a partner. If the balance of leading and following is uneven, then you may be placed on the waiting list until dancers of the needed role register and the balance is restored.

By registering you agree to the terms and conditions.

After registration, you will get an email within a few days confirming whether you have a spot at our camp, and if so, the needed payment information. After your payment, your registration will be completed.