During Ceuvel Swing Camp we offer three types of classes: Private, levelled group and open theme classes. To join with a full pass we’d like you to have at least six months of weekly Lindy Hop class experience.

Private classes

You will get half an hour of private attention from a teacher of choice on your own. Or two times half an hour if you take the class with a partner, or four times half an hour if you take the class with 4 people (etc.)

Lindy-Hop levelled group classes

There are eight Lindy Hop group classes at levels 1 to 8, and each participant can take two of those, in different roles if they want, at their most suitable level. If you dance both classes in the same role, it will be two consecutive levels, such as 1 and 2, or 4 and 5.

We will divide all participants into these levels, based on the experience they indicate at registration.

Because this asks for some complicated scheduling on our side, we cannot promise that you will have a Lindy-Hop class with all of our main Lindy-Hop teaching couples. You can fill in your preferences in the registration form, though, and we will take these into account.

Theme classes

Most theme classes will be open to everyone, except for the two switch classes.

Rhythm by Ari & Simon

Free footwork by Jule & Areski
Free footwork

Beginner switch class
While switching you never know what will happen next.. and we love it! So try it out: have an equal conversation with your partner, and enjoy the most surprising dances you can get. In the beginner switch class, you will work on understanding both roles, the differences and similarities and how to move between them.

To join the beginner switch class, you need some experience in both leading and following (but no experience with switching is needed!). If you have never danced the other role but would like to learn this, then you have the option of registering for one Lindy Hop group class in the role you’re used to, and one in the other role. This beginner class will give you enough skills in the other role to join our beginner switch class.

Advanced Switch class
Do you enjoy dancing both roles? Experience with swingouts in both roles? And fell in love with switching roles during the dance? Then this class is for you! You’ll work on gaining more insights in both roles, how to move from one role to the other while keeping the flow of the dance going and how to go from awesome to even more awesome.

To join the advanced switch class, you need to be comfortable leading and following a swing-out and have a bunch of experience in switch dancing (for example through the switch beginner class).

Practice sessions

To help you get all the material from the group and private classes into your body, we also have two practise sessions in the Galerie. Practice sessions are also open to people with a party pass!